Construction Management is a project delivery system typically reserved for large companies and large projects in the commercial, industrial and institutional markets. This method of construction eliminates layers of professionals and associated needs in the development, design and construction phases of a project.

The Construction Manager works for the Owner but all steps in the process, budgets, schedules, decisions, costs and the actual construction involve the Owner to whatever level is desired. The Owner is privy to where every bit of their money is spent. There are no mysteries. 

 The Construction Manager is involved from the beginning and participates in the development and design phases helping eliminate unnecessary costs and problems based on previous experience with expensive and cumbersome features of a design. 

The process saves time and money. Now, people building on the Forgotten Coast can enjoy this heretofore exclusive commercial process when building their dream beach house. With decades of CM experience, Langford Construction brings a new approach to an old process.