Dana and Steve Langford have a long history of entrepreneurial experiences. Some have been successful, some not so successful. From athletic clubs to restaurants to technology companies, the Langfords have enjoyed the business world. However, for 40 years the family core business was construction. Collectively nearly $400 million was completed in the Southeast by the business over four decades in all areas of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential construction. 

It was finally decided to close the longtime business. Dana and Steve moved full time to Cape San Blas in 2012 and have been involved since in the Cape and Port St Joe community. It has quickly become home to them. 

Loving to see others happy in their home and missing the exhilaration of “being in business” the Langfords formed Langford Construction Company for the sole purpose of building custom homes on Cape San Blas. They bring a lifetime of experience to the area and very importantly, they live on the Cape making them ever so aware of the special place it is.

The Langford Construction Company mission:

“There is nothing quite like being in a home you that love. We are committed to making that dream come true for people who want to live on the Forgotten Coast. Through experience, relationships and technology we aim to provide the best possible outcome for people committed to keeping this part of the world special.”


Vacation before you build

Secluded Florida Rentals™ are located in the hushed beach town of Cape San Blas.
Find yourself in a world unlike any other, away from the noise and back in touch with nature. Experience true solitude and unmatched serenity in any of our luxury homes.
Enjoy your well deserved stay in Secluded Florida.

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